We produce high quality cold cuts
renewing and reinventing an all Italian culture. Constantly.
We stick to the best of all-time traditions, mix in today’s needs and our ideas for the future – that is how we have managed to become the favourite cold cuts company we are today, in Italy and all over the world.
Fiorucci Story
  • Way back in the year 1850
    a tiny little village in Umbria’s pleasant hillside is famous for its meat and cold cuts productions. The village name is Norcia, home of the Fiorucci family. They, like so many here, produce cold cuts. With a little difference: it must be some kind of magic that’s happening in their shop floor, giving their cold cuts the taste of new ideas and fantastic dreams.
  • A dreamer’s mind.
    Wanting to give his ideas and dreams a chance to come true, Innocenzo Fiorucci moves to Rome. Here, in the big city, he starts to offer the famous Umbrian cold cut traditions and has great success: within short time he owns a chain of “norcinerie”, cold cut shops, all over the Capital of Italy.
  • This was just the beginning.
    If you want to make the whole country enjoy your cold cuts, you need to think even bigger dimensions. So Cesare Fiorucci in 1950 founded the Industria Romana Carni e Affini, also known as IRCA. His goal is to unite artisanal tradition and industrial scale production of cold cuts.
  • If you want to make certain dreams come true
    you need a constant level of commitment and a long time. This has never been a problem to the Fiorucci family – so in 1969 Ferruccio Fiorucci sets the first stone on the building site for the legendary production plant of Santa Palomba. Finally the big Fiorucci dream starts to take form.
  • On dining tables all over Italy
    you can now find Fiorucci products. It is time to create a proper corporate identity, a strong and recognizable logo. So the first Fiorucci logo is being registered together with the legendary Norcinetto logo in 1975. And this is only the first step towards new horizons.
  • Good things get even better
    if shared with everybody. So Fiorucci crosses the Alps and starts selling their products also outside of Italy. Now people in Great Britain, France, Germany and even the USA can enjoy Fiorucci products. Moreover, two more plants to produce Parma ham become part of the Fiorucci world.
  • The extraordinary Fiorucci products
    continue to conquer the dinner tables all over the world. In 1990 Fiorucci sells their products in more than 25 countries. In only ten years’ time this number is more than doubled – in 60 countries you can now buy Fiorucci products: an incredible success for a family run business from Norcia.
  • The Great Fiorucci Family.
    As the Fiorucci are always dreaming and achieving new horizons, in the year 2003 Fiorucci Food Service is born. Now not only the final consumer can enjoy their products at home: with Fiorucci Food Service the world of restaurants and catering is conquered.
  • A dream comes true.
    Fiorucci is one of the leaders in the cold cuts market by now. In 2011 they become part of Campofrio Food Group, an international group in meat processing. This is another step towards modern times and future, which allows Fiorucci to grow and share knowledge, experience and resources.
  • Only time can tell what the future brings.
    The only thing we know for sure is that Fiorucci still continues to make a dream come true. A dream that was born more than 150 years ago in a tiny family run shop floor: to bring genuine and healthy cold cuts to the people. Cold cuts made of an Italian food tradition: goodness.
Mission and Values
Our goal is to share our efforts and our
passion with the world. These aren’t just words
– we really mean it! Because we truly believe in what we are doing. We believe in our values like respect for diversity, entrepreneurship, fairness and teamwork. Actually, it is and has been our team working that allowed us to arrive where we are today. With this spirit we are able to give only the best of salumeria and cold cuts to you. To everybody.

Campofrio Food Group Core Values
Where we are
Cesare Fiorucci S.p.A - Località Santa Palomba - Viale Cesare Fiorucci, 11 - 00040 Pomezia (RM) - Italia