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A cookie is a small text file within which short pieces of information are collected with regards to a user's activities on a website and memorised on the machine that accessed the site. Cookies do not damage the machine and allow us to guarantee an enhanced and faster navigation on our site. Any additional information, such as those that allow us to submit advertising messages, are stored only after your express consent through the simple navigation of the website or through the following mechanisms listed below.

How to accept or refuse the use of cookies
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How to erase cookies
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How does Fiorucci use cookies?
The information collected through the cookies can help us analyse the user's navigation of our websites and enables us to provide a better experience. The information gathered through our cookies are not used to identify the users, nor for any advertising either by e-mail or regular mail, maintaining ones privacy. Furthermore, we do not use cookies to disseminate advertising to children.

The cookies used on our site allow the user to access the functions offered by the site, without which certain services would not be available (the navigation and functional cookies). These cookies allow us to provide the services requested and to remember settings which improve the users visit to our website:

Technical cookies
  • cb-enabled

This type of cookie is used to record the user's choice to accept the use of cookies, thus preventing the warning message from reappearing.

Cookies for the CMS session
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Cookies for Google Analytics
  • _gat
  • _ga

These cookies are used to collect information on how the users navigate our site.

Facebook cookies
  • reg_fb_ref
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  • _js_datr
  • reg_ext_ref
  • wd
  • datr

Some Facebook social plugins are embedded in the site. Cookies from Facebook are used for the proper running of the plugins. More information can be found on Facebook's cookie policies page.https://www.facebook.com/help/cookies/

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