First Courses and Soups
Creamy and Crunchy

For 4 people

200 gr deep-frozen green peas
12 leaves of mint
8 thin slices of pancetta Fiorucci
4 slices of durum bread cut in cubes
1 onion
Extra virgin olive oil, salt

Heat a tablespoon full of olive oil in a small saucepan and fry the finely cut onion until golden. Add deep-frozen green peas and stir for some minutes. Then add half a liter of boiling water and finish to cook the peas on low to medium heat. Once done, add the finely cut mint leaves and mix all with a hand blender. Add salt and pepper. Cut the pancetta slices into rectangles and let them go crunchy on both sides in a hot pan. Take them out the pan and put on kitchen towel to soak up extra fat. In the same pan now toast the bread cubes. Serve the creamy pea soup with slices of crunchy pancetta, bread cubes, ground pepper and garnish with mint leaves.